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Best Brampton Neighbourhoods: TOP 5*

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Home Values

Most Expensive Homes
Least Expensive Detached Homes
Fastest Selling Homes
Most New Homes
Most Immigration

Here are some highlights of various Brampton Neighbourhoods. I ensure my clients get the neighbourhood most suited to their needs. If you want to know more information about each neighbourhood, the good & bad, please fill in the form below to know more.

Highest Income

  1. Vales of Castlemore
  2. Bram East
  3. Snelgrove
  4. Northgate (Professor's Lake)
  5. Brampton East (Peel Village)

Young Families

  1. Fletcher's Meadow
  2. Sandringham-Wellington
  3. Vales of Castlemore
  4. Snelgrove
  5. Fletchers' West

Most Immigration

  1. Fletcher's Creek South
  2. Queen Street Corridor (Bramalea City Centre area)
  3. Bram East
  4. Sandringham-Wellington
  5. Fletcher's West (Sheridan College area)

Most New Homes

  1. Fletcher's Meadow
  2. Credit Valley
  3. Bram East
  4. Toronto Gore Rural Estate
  5. Bram West

Most Old Homes (many require updates)

  1. Downtown
  2. Brampton East Industrial
  3. Queen Street Corridor (downtown area)
  4. Central Park (South section)
  5. Southgate (North section)

Rental Areas

  1. Brampton East Industrial
  2. Brampton South (Shoppers World area)
  3. Queen Street Corridor (Bramalea City Centre apartment & Downtown)
  4. Westgate (Trinity Common Mall area)
  5. Downtown

Highest Priced Homes (average $)

  1. Toronto Gore Rural Estate ($1,000,000)
  2. Vales of Castlemore North ($634,000)
  3. Vales of Castlemore ($568,000)
  4. Bram East ($565,000)
  5. Credit Valley ($582,000)

Most Detached Homes

  1. Vales of Castlemore North
  2. Vales of Castlemore
  3. Bram East
  4. Brampton East (Peel Village)
  5. Snelgrove

Most Townhomes (First Home Buyers)

  1. Brampton North (Valleybrook)
  2. Central Park (M Section - MacKay St)
  3. Brampton West (Royal Orchard)
  4. Southgate (North section)
  5. Northgate (South section)

Least Expensive Detached Homes (average $)

  1. Central Park ($311,000)
  2. Southgate ($335,000)
  3. Downtown Brampton ($341,000)
  4. Northgate ($345,000)
  5. Avondale ($359,000)

Fastest Selling (Average Days on Market)

  1. Heart Lake (14d)
  2. Northwest Brampton (17d)
  3. Bramalea North Industrial (20d)
  4. Brampton East (26d)
  5. Credit Valley (22d)

Slowest Selling Neighbourhoods

  1. Toronto Gore Rural Estate (91d)
  2. Sandringham-Wellington North (44d)
  3. Vales of Castlemore North (41d)
  4. Downtown Brampton (38d)
  5. Brampton South (37d)

Best Gd 3 Public Schools (2010-11 EQAO Results)

  1. Credit Valley (Credit Valley)
  2. Mount Royal (Vales of Castlemore North)
  3. Stanley Mills (Sandringham-Wellington)
  4. Treeline (Vales of Castlemore)
  5. Aloma Crescent (Avondale)

Best Gd 6 Public Schools (2010-11 EQAO Results)

  1. Roberta Bondar (Bram West)
  2. Helen Wilson (Brampton East)
  3. Somerset Drive (Heart Lake west)
  4. Sir Wilfrid Laurier (Brampton East)
  5. Conestoga (Heart Lake West)

Best Secondary Public Schools (2010-11 EQAO Results)

  1. Fletcher's Meadow (Fletcher's Meadow)
  2. Sandalwood Heights (Vales of Castlemore  / Sandringham-Wellington)
  3. Turner Fenton (Brampton East / Fletcher's Creek South)
  4. Gordon Graydon Memorial (Madoc)
  5. Bramalea (Southgate / Avondale)

Best Catholic Elementary Schools (EQAO Results)

  1. St Francis Xavier (Brampton East)
  2. St Stephen (Snelgrove / Heart Lake West)
  3. St Patrick (Toronto Gore Rural Estate / Highway 427)
  4. Holy Spirit (Vales of Castlemore)
  5. St Bonaventure (Fletcher's Meadow North)

Best Catholic Secondary Schools (EQAO Results)

  1. St Edmund Campion (Fletcher's Meadow)
  2. Holy Name of Mary (Northgate)
  3. Cardinal Ambrozic (Bram East)
  4. St Marguerite d'Youville (Sandringham-Wellington)
  5. Cardinal Leger (Downtown)


* Information to be verified by buyers or sellers and not to be used for decisions to buy or sell. Please check all details yourself or with an agent since we are not responsible for errors or omissions to the above information. Source data: 2006 Census stats, TREB market watch, EQAO individual testing school results.



For more information & to get the best neighbourhood for your needs, fill in the below form.

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